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Here's The Skinny Probiotic


A natural way to promote nutrient absorption and help repopulate your gut with good bacteria

  • 30 day supply. Having a balance of healthy bacteria is crucial for proper digestion and immune function. Get your digestive system working for you not against you.
  • From our modern dietary choices to our over sanitizing and hygiene habits, there are many things that can affect the balance of healthy bacteria crucial for proper digestion and immune function. With proper probiotic supplementation, you can help repopulate your gut, promote nutrient absorption, and reactivate your natural defenses.
  • IMPROVE YOUR DIGESTIVE HEALTH WITH 8 TARGETED PROBIOTIC STRAINS: (including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) to effectively counter the indiscriminate effects of today’s broad-spectrum antibiotics and other lifestyle choices that can deplete your microbiome. Here’s the Skinny also includes prebiotics, a natural fiber that feeds the probiotics!
  • STAY HEALTHY: 70% of your immune system is in your gut, and when probiotics (the good guys) are abundant in your body, it becomes harder for the bad guys to settle in. Here’s the Skinny replenishes beneficial bacteria for optimal digestive and immune support, so you can feel good from the inside out!
  • ALLERGEN FRIENDLY: We take everyone into account which is why our probiotics are free of the 8 major allergens.
Lemon Laine's take
How to apply

Just take one acid-resistant capsule with a full glass of water first thing in the morning before eating food. It’s as simple as that! The benefits of probiotics are cumulative, which means they are meant to be consumed daily for optimal digestive, immune, and gut health.

Ingredient list

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