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Bath Soak Gift Set

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Elevate your bath time with these relaxing bath soaks

  • Set of 4: CBD Cypress, CBD Lavender & Vetiver, Iris & Rosehips, and Moon Mylk — you have four paths to damp, fragrant bliss.
  • CBD Cypress Bath Soak: Contains 10mg of Full Spectrum CBD. Forest fresh, clean, relaxing, a pacific nw wonderland. CBD Lavender & Vetiver Bath Soak: Contains 10mg of Full Spectrum CBD. Fields of fresh lavender after a fresh rain, calming. Iris & Rosehips Bath Soak: Jasmine flowers, soft floral, spring, relaxation, calming. Moon Mylk Bath Soak: Celestial fresh, a walk on a clear starry evenings, happy and calm
  • Daughter of the Land is a Brooklyn- and Seattle-based brand dedicated to making simple skincare products from better and fewer ingredients.
  • Made with 100% organic and fair-trade ingredients. Comes in fair-trade 100% compostable cotton pouch.
Lemon Laine's take
How to apply

Mix the entire packet in warm or hot water in bath tub.

Ingredient list

CBD Cypress Bath Soak: Epson and French grey salts, olive oil, Arnica Montana Flower, cypress oil, Douglas fir oil, and peppermint oil. Each soak packet includes 10mg of Full Spectrum CBD (10mg of CBD per serving) CBD Lavender & Vetiver Bath Soak: Epsom Salt, French Grey Salt, Avocado Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract, Lavender Oil, Rose Geranium Oil, Vetiver Oil, Kaolin Clay. Each soak packet includes 10mg of Full Spectrum CBD (10mg of CBD per serving). Iris & Rosehips Bath Soak: French Grey Salt, Epsom Salt, Jojoba Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Rosehip Powder, Bergaptene Free Bergamot Oil, Lavender Oil, Jasmine Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Oil. Moon Mylk Bath Soak: Colloidal Oat Kernel Flour, Epsom Salt, Avocado Oil, Lavender Oil, Sandalwood Oil.

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