We are a natural beauty and wellness shop filled with products that are good for you and make you feel good too.

Lemon Laine offers the best in skincare, makeup, and wellness products that enhance your own beauty. Lemon Laine founder Laura Lemon, with ten years’ experience in the beauty industry believes “if you feel good, you look good,” and so Lemon Laine offers the best in skincare, makeup, and wellness products that enhance each individual’s beauty. The store focuses on the transformative effects that the right combination of products can have on both the inside and outside, and is proud to highlight products that have impactful, natural ingredients made by companies and partners with powerful stories.

 Lemon Laine’s offering of wellness products is carefully curated with this in mind, and ranges from supplements to nutrient-rich superfoods. Supplement aisles can be overwhelming and confusing, but Lemon Laine is a personalized experience that helps each customer understand the essentials for their own needs.

Letter from Laura
Hi beauties! I’m Laura Lemon, the founder of Lemon Laine. I’m new to town, but not new to the industry. With 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, I’m so excited to bring this modern concept to you. I’m a beauty junkie at heart and I spend my day lathering lotions, sipping superfoods, and testing products from near and far so I can help you find the right products that are both delightful and work. Partnering with some of the best vendors and beauty experts in the world, I hand-select each product with an emphasis on quality and natural ingredients. I am dedicated to the discovery process of testing and curating a simplified list of products that really work so you can fall in love with your beauty routine again. I can't wait to open our doors. Thanks for your interest in Lemon Laine. xo, LL

My Story

It was middle school, and like most, I had terrible acne—the didn’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed kind. Makeup became my lifeline. Covering up all the red bumps, it made me feel better. That’s where the love affair began. Thanks to Kevyn Aucoin’s book ‘Making Faces’, I was a self-taught makeup artist that landed her first job at the Saks Fifth Avenue beauty counter.


Still struggling to feel beautiful, I did what others did as their last resort: took a now FDA-banned acne drug. It amazingly cleared my skin but caused side effects that I continue to deal with.


It wasn’t long until I started to see the connection between what
 I was eating and the relief of my symptoms. With my all-or-nothing personality, I became health obsessed. You name it, I tried it: raw-carrot-pulp sandwich bread, Master Cleanse, turmeric capsules, cheese-less cheese cake. Some helped, some didn’t. But my curiosity led me to some enlightening discoveries and a willingness to continue to learn about my health.


My beauty repertoire further evolved when I had the opportunity to join the buying team at a large retailer. My first project was to launch 250 natural beauty products in 1,200 stores. I worked closely with brands like Burt's Bees, Alba, Giovanni and a bit unexpectedly, began to see the underbelly of the beauty industry. Thinking back, this truly was my “a-ha moment" and since then I've been hooked on the natural beauty scene. I knew I wanted to be where the natural beauty & wellness movement was happening. So, I headed West to California.


From studying holistic nutrition in Berkeley to developing a natural makeup collection, I continue to be inspired by all of the people working to shift the course of the beauty industry—one of transparency and honesty. I too am working to help shape the conversation, which is why I’m so proud to launch what I believe to be the future of beauty: Lemon Laine.