Lemon Laine Oil Bar

By appointment only, $65 per person. Email hello@lemonlaine.com for more information. 
Unique to Lemon Laine, the Lemon Laine Oil Bar recognizes that no two people are the same, and that beauty must be, more than anything else, custom. The Lemon Laine Oil Bar houses a vast assortment of seed, nut and plant oils, and customers will be invited to smell, touch and experience the oils while Lemon Laine customizes formulas that will suit everyone’s unique beauty goals. Emphasizing powerful ingredients, each will be blended on the spot to meet the specific needs of the customer’s skin.


Our Collaboration with Clary Collection

The base for our hand-crafted oil infusions are created by Clary Collection, a Nashville rooted, small batch skincare company founded by two mothers and friends, Jen Auerbach and Adriel Denae.