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Vitamin D


A little known fact: Absorption of Vitamin D is up to 2.6x higher when taken as a sublingual spray

  • Vitamin D is single-handedly the most important vitamin to supplement your health with, as it supports everything from immune function to mood and muscle health, while playing a significant role in the absorption of additional key vitamins and minerals
  • This Vitamin D spray is designed to give you 375% of the daily value. As a sublingual spray, it also has 2.6x higher absorption rate than when taken as a capsule
  • In the immune system, Vitamin D interacts directly with the cells that fight infection, while a number of studies have determined that supplementing with it could reduce the risk of respiratory tract infections
Lemon Laine's take
How to apply

Spray directly under the tongue. Take AM or PM. Just three sprays per day

Ingredient list

Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 75 mcg. Serving Size: 3 sprays. Citric Acid, glycerin, natural flavor, potassium sorbate (preservative), purified water, sodium benzoate (preservative), vegetable glycerin, vitamin D, xanthan gum

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