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B.Soothed Honey Lozenges

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Not your average cough drops...

  • These honey lozenges are made with nature-powered ingredients that promote immune health while soothing dry, scratchy throats. (And they taste great, too.) 14 pack.
  • Each lozenge includes zinc and vitamin D, crucial nutrients for supporting immune health.
  • These lozenges only contain one gram of sugar and absolutely no refined sugars. Unlike other cough drops out there, you won’t find maltodextrin, glucose syrup, or brown rice syrup on the label.
  • Made with pure, unpasteurized honey, one of the world’s best throat soothers. Then they added bee propolis, the hive-defender trusted by bees and proven by science.
Lemon Laine's take
How to apply

Take 1 lozenge as needed to soothe scratchy throats and support that immune system. Take a mindful moment to let the drop melt on your tongue. Mmmm.

Ingredient list

Bee propolis extract, zinc, vitamin D, honey, chicory root fiber, tapioca syrup, monk fruit. Caution: As with any supplement, if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication, consult with your physician before use.

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