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Chakra Chocolate Discovery Box


Maximum pleasure + less sugar

  • An assortment of healthy nut and seed butter squares, enrobed in raw dark chocolate and microdosed with functional botanicals. 7 mixed flavors: Hazelnut & Rose, Black Tahini & Chai, Hemp Butter & Carob, Cashew & Matcha, Toasted Coconut & Turmeric Spice Mix, Peanut Butter & Smoked Salt, Sour Cherries
  • Only 2g of Sugar or less per Chakra from dates: perfect for your pre-summer detox. We use dates (and sometimes a hint of maple syrup) for low GI sweetness without the sugar spikes! Dates are also much lower in calories than regular sugar and have far less fructose than agave and honey (so the taste is less 'sweet'). They are lower on the glycemic index (GI) than other types of sugars, including honey and coconut sugar. Because they are simply ground whole dried fruit, they also contain all the fruit’s nutrients — vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Chakra Chocolates are low in sugar, keto-friendly and have minimal effect on blood sugar levels. 
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Break a piece off and enjoy.

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