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Un Deux Trois Soleil Perfume


Natural, vegan and made in France perfumes

    • Un Deux Trois Soleil evokes the radiant warmth of a childhood afternoon. Almond, vanilla, heliotrope flower and benzoin will remind you of familiar scents
    • Because your skin deserves better, Bastille creates superb unisex fragrances with 95% natural ingredients, 5% clean synthetic ingredients, and above all total transparency on our ingredients. While the formula of a perfume is still considered a trade secret, Bastille reveals all the ingredients that go into your fragrance.
    • Bastille is also a member of the 1% for the Planet movement : for each fragrance purchased, Bastille donates 1% of sales to the NGO Surfrider Foundation, which has been committed to protecting the oceans for 30 years.
    • Their fragrances are formulated without endocrine disruptors, without the addition of solvents, stabilizers, dyes, or UV filters. We use organic wheat alcohol, gentle for the planet and your skin.
Lemon Laine's take
How to apply

Apply to pulse points on the neck and/or wrists.

Ingredient list


  • Your perfume is 95% natural ingredients. It has been formulated to respect your skin.
  • Its formula is short: it contains 43 ingredients. A classic perfume can contain up to 300 ingredients, while only mentioning its potentially allergenic ingredients on its label (usually less than 10). Each of the ingredients in Hors-Piste was chosen by perfumer Domitille Michalon-Bertier. 
  • Natural ingredients (95%): Bitter almond - prunus amara kernel oil, Benzoin - styrax benzoin gum, Bergamot - citrus aurantium bergamia fruit oil, Virginia cedar - juniperus virginiana oil, Texas cedar - juniperus mexicana oil, Ciste Labdanum - cistus ladaniferus oil, Incense essence - olibanum oil, Resin incense - olibanum resinoid, Tonka bean - dipteryx odorata bean extract, Grapefruit - citrus paradisi peel oil, Pink pepper - schinus terebinthifolia seed extract, Absolute vanilla - vanilla planifolia fruit extract, Vanilla bean extract - vanilla planifolia fruit extract, Organic wheat alcohol Synthetic
  • Synthetic ingredients (5%): Ambroxan (wood, ambergris), Amyl Salicylate (chamomile, hay), Cashmeran (musk, wood), Coumarin (tonka bean), Dihydro myrcenol (fresh floral, lemon), Ethyl trans-2,cis-4-decadienoate (pear,, Ethyl vanilin (vanilla), Ethylene brassylate (musk), Hedione (fresh jasmine), Heliotropin (heliotrope), Hexenyl cis-3-hexenoate/cis-3 (pear, tomato leaves), Methoxybenzaldehyde/para (aniseed), Vanillin (vanilla)

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