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Women's Pleasure Serum


Pre-play topical for arousal and orgasm

  • No offense to good lube, but this serum does a lot more.
  • Crafted by scientists, Vella works deep beyond the skin and relaxes your vaginal and clitoral smooth muscle tissue. 
  • The result—more frequent, intense and satisfying orgasms, for women at every age and life stage.
  • The first of its kind, this serum is a proprietary liposomal formulation designed by the lead experts who helped develop Viagra and Cialis. In clinical studies, they discovered that by delivering CBD deep beyond your skin to relax vaginal and clitoral smooth muscle tissue, women aged 23 to 75 reported increased ease, intensity, and frequency of orgasm.
  • FAQ: Does it have a scent? No. Is it okay to taste? Yes. Does it work on men? No. Will it get my vagina high? No. Our serum has no psychoactive effects. Our 99% pure nano-encapsulated CBD formulation does not cause highs like THC. Can I use it if I’m on medication? Yes. Our serum works locally and will not interact with any medications. How many uses are in a jar? If you use three pumps per play session, then 16 uses per jar. Is the serum safe with condoms? Yes.
  • Lemon Laine's take
    How to apply

    Apply three pumps, 15–25 minutes before sex or solo play to your inner labia and clitoris. Lasts for 2 hours. Enjoy solo. Or together. But always, practice safe sex. Make sure to speak to your doctor if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Ingredient list

    99% pure nano-encapsulated CBD, phospholipids, thickener, propanediol, vitamin C, sodium ascorbate, water. Clinically tested. Cruelty free. Parabens free. Sustainably sourced. Responsibly packed. Vegan.

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