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  • Bar Soap - LEMON LAINE - Bath & Shower - Organic Bath Co.
    Save 38%
    Organic Bath Co.

    Bar Soap

    Original Price $8.00
    Current Price $5.00

    Simple and clean ingredients in a simply great little bar of soap Formulated with a luxurious blend of Organic and Fair Trade Certified oils ...

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  • Brain Dust - LEMON LAINE - Energy Boosters - Moon Juice
    Save 32%
    Moon Juice

    Brain Dust

    Original Price $38.00
    Current Price $26.00

    An adaptogen blend with brain-boosting benefits An adaptogenic blend to support mental stamina, alertness and concentration Adaptogens like...

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  • Skin Savior Balm - LEMON LAINE - Balms - One Love Organics
    Save 41%
    One Love Organics

    Skin Savior Balm

    Original Price $49.00
    Current Price $29.00

    Multi-tasking hydrating balm great for removing make-up Oat oil helps to soothe and condition skin Use it as a wrinkle-defying + softening ma...

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  • Poetic Pits, Petal - LEMON LAINE - Deodorant - Living Libations
    Save 43%
    Living Libations

    Poetic Pits, Petal

    Original Price $35.00
    Current Price $20.00

    This is like an ultra-concentrated perfume you and your pits will love A little vial of premium essential oils carefully selected to work w...

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  • Vitamin C 400 - LEMON LAINE - Immunity - Innate Response
    Save 49%
    Innate Response

    Vitamin C 400

    Original Price $76.00
    Current Price $39.00

    Boost your Vitamin C game with this convenient whole food-derived capsule FoodState® Vitamin C, delivered with organic oranges, provides a...

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