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Stress Relief

  • Anxiety Ally - LEMON LAINE - Stress Relief - Wooden Spoon Herbs
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    Wooden Spoon Herbs

    Anxiety Ally

    Original Price $36.00
    Current Price $21.60

    A portal to peace in a bottle Soothing to the mind and nurturing to the nerves, meant to be taken as a daily tonic for continual support or...

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  • Plant Balm - LEMON LAINE - Body Lotion (H) - The Plant People
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    The Plant People

    Balm Soothe+

    Original Price $49.00
    Current Price $29.40

    A soothing, all purpose salve. Formulated with full spectrum hemp rich in cannabinoids (CBD, CBC), for anybody with an aching body - knuckles...

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  • Save 33%

    Chocolate Bar

    Original Price $9.00
    Current Price $6.00

    Ritch believes there's no such things as a guilty pleasure. Deep Dark: 73% cacao, this little beauty will not only satisfy your taste buds, b...

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