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My Daily Wellness Routine

My Daily Wellness Routine

Hey there! So, since it's January and wellness is top of mind for a lot of youI thought I'd share how I incorporate wellness products into my every day. BUT before I do that, I want to share that your *wellness* journey is unique and ever-evolving. There's no miracle pill and some of these products may not work for you like they do me. I highly recommend you head to our Concierge so we can help you find something that works specifically for your needs :) - Laura Lemon
Coffee is always first. I thought I broke this habit for good but then 2020 happened. I really do love coffee but my hormones do not. I can tell it throws things off a bit. My goal is to get back on the matcha train this year. My favorite is the Wylde One Matcha. After my coffee, I make sure to hydrate with a scoop of my Age Quencher in a glass of water. This has so many great electrolytes and minerals that help me stay extra hydrated. I've noticed a difference in my skin too. Sometimes supplement products like these have a more subtle effect over time. It's always when I take something for a few months and the forget for a few days that I start to see how well it was actually working.
Next, I pop two supplements. If I don't do this first thing in the morning, I forget. The Hello Eden vitamin and my Simris Algae Omega for Mothers have been my go-to's for almost a year now. Hello Eden is a multi-vitamin developed with women's hormone balance in mind. I love that it has the regulars like B and C vitamins plus added adaptogens and specific hormone-supporting vitamins like Myo-Inositol which is great for people like me that have PCOS. It's really packed with so much goodness—each pill contains 28 different nutrients!
I'm addicted to De Mamiel's Altitude Oil. It's an aromatherapy blend that helps energize and also has anti-bacterial properties so I like to put a few drops on the back of my mask too. Since it's winter-time, I like making a warm, frothy drink. The Saffron Latte is a great afternoon pick-me-up with research-backed, mood-boosting benefits.
I'm all about that magnesium at night. I mix up a glass of Binto Glow Down in water and I also double up with a few spray of Nue Co's topical magnesium on my tummy. You really can't have too much magnesium. It's a great stress-reliever and amazing for sore muscles. I find it even helps with cramps during that time of the month too. For days I'm feeling wired AND tired, I reach for the Yuyo Evening CBD. I take a half dropper full. But I guess if I had to pick my *ride or die* product would be the Goop Bath soaks. I never thought I'd be a bath person but I'm hooked. I take one every other night.
Always contact your doctor before starting any new supplements. This advice is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any illness. 
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