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6 Tips for Fluffy Brows

6 Tips for Fluffy Brows

1) Brows are sisters, not twins. Pretty self explanatory here but don't feel this pressure to make them look like replicas of each other. Everyone's expression is unique and having two different brows makes it all the more you.

2) Shape towards the tail. It looks more natural to use your brow products on the tail of your brow. You can still fill in a few gaps towards the front but use the majority of your product whether pencil or tinted gel on the back half of the arch.

3) Use concealer. Take a tiny amount on a brush and apply it underneath the brows. This softens the line and makes it look more natural so you don't have that block brow look.

4) Just like your skin, your brow skin needs to be exfoliated. This will help stimulate hair growth. We recommend sticking with a AHA-based exfoliator like the Goop Glow. Just make sure you don't get in your eyes. If you prefer a physical exfoliator, try Leahlani's Kalima Powder. 

5) It's all in the wrist. When using a brow pencil, don't just draw a straight line—use small flicks of the pencil to mimic where the brow would grow naturally. Be careful to not extend the brow shape too far past your natural tail. It can give your eyes a droopy effect.

6) Embrace the brows you have. Trends come and go. Right now a really thick brow shape is in vogue but it make not work with your face shape or brow structure. You do you!

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