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Functional Fragrance


Not your average fragrance, this one pulls double duty as an anti-stress support

  • A fragrance with a function, designed to help you reset at times of high stress
  • Clean, woody, spicy and smoky
  • Green cardamom, iris, palo santo, and cilantro, all chosen for their olfactory effect
Lemon Laine's take
How to apply

Use daily, or at moments of high stress to reset and re-center. Spray onto wrists and neck. Inhale for eight, hold for four, exhale for eight

Ingredient list

Alcohol, Cardomome Verte SFE, Cardomom, Bergamot, Cilantro, Myhrr Oil, Myrrhone, Orris Firabs (Iris), Violet, Jasmin, Cedarwood Oil, Musk, Palo Santo, Ambrox, Guaiacwood.

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