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Scrubby Floss

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Flossing should feel good—simple as that.

  • The world's first hydroxyapatite-infused dental floss, designed to deliver remineralizing HA to the overlooked tight spots between your teeth.
  • This innovative RiseWell floss glides smoothly and comfortably, and expands for effective cleaning
  • It’s honest, too: Free from Teflon, petroleum-based wax, and artificial flavors (commonly found in other brands)
Lemon Laine's take
How to apply

Break off about 45cm of floss and wind some around 1 finger of each hand. Use a gentle "rocking" motion to guide the floss between your teeth.

Ingredient list

Vegan Wax Hydroxyapatite Mentha Viridis (Spearment Oil) Xylitol Stevia Polyester Filament

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